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Karwan-e-Sabz Agriculture Company (hereafter called KSAC) is non-govermental, non-political,independent company
establishment in ____2013_____ . The initial objective of company was to activily contribute to the agriculture
sector by providing certified wheat seeds to the farmers as well as provision of other agricultural inputs such as high quality
fertilizers, agro machinery, farm irrigation instruments and green houses.
Profit-making,production oriented companies with the aims to produce agriculture high value crops and livestock
products such as saffron, pistachio and dairy, process, assemble, sales within the country and export the completed
(Finished Goods) products outside the country.

Company Vision
KSAC vision is to provide sustainable, innovative and economically viable agriculture practices, services and tools to stakeholders of Agriculture sector development in Afghanistan.

Company Mission

To empower the local farmers by providing them good quality seeds machinery and training boost their production and economy
To support farming community to increase the crop productivity for a better quality life
To strengthen the production capability of the growers engaged in agriculture by provision of high quality services and inputs to meet the need of high output agriculture and high return
To accelerated farm mechanization process by provide farm machinery

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Date: 2015-12-31

Skills: traning

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  • The path of my life is green,
    because I have green, positive, and promising thoughts.

  • We go to promote agriculture in Afghnistan


Our Services

Donec nec justo eget felis facilisis fermentum. Aliquam dignissim felis auctor ultrices ut elementum.

Provision of agro based irrigation equipment such as sprinklers , drip
irrigation ,green house .

Import and sale of cereal crops with particular focus to wheat seeds through
agriculture depots established by KSAC.

Provision of other farm based tools and equipments such as spare parts,
threshers, shears, sprayer pumps,drip irrigation ,establishment of steel green house etc....



Our Team

Ezatullah Sediqi

Ezatullah Sediqi

Vice President
hamidullah samadi

hamidullah samadi

Noor Ahmad

Noor Ahmad


partner of Karwan-e-Sabz company

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new tool for agricuture

  KSAC is the offering its customers in-house and overseas the best quality of products they have ever tasted KSAC…


Regular training monitoring and orientation to farmers prior to introducing any new product.

now tools

Provision of veterinary medicines, milk machines animal feed/fodder .


+93 779 30 82 83 / 0788660655
Opposite of Noor Business Center, North shrine of Hazrat Ali, Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh Province, Afghanistan