Marketing via live radio show
Funded by USAID

Background: Radio is the preferred source of media in rural areas, particularly for small holder farmers. It is affordable and accessible to those without formal education, and when coupled with other ICT, such as mobile phones, can give a voice to end users through participatory radio programs. Read More

Information regrading
Climate change adaption project (CCAP)

Introduction: The Climate Change Adaptation Support Project CCAP is funded by the United Nations Global Environment Facility and the United Nations Development Program and functions under the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and Livestock. According to the plan of activities of this project in 2016 in the livelihood sector,Read More

SMS marketing
Via mobile
Funded by USAID

Introduction: through SMS marketing system, we did contract with Telecommunication Company to establish a SMS marketing system through which it will market its latest products and services to farmers. It will also provide training such conducting FFC (Farmer Field School), IPM (Integrated Pest Management) for 2000 farmers. The company planned to conduct the mentioned trainings on monthly bases.Read More

OFF Season Melon production in greenhouse project
Funded by USAID
Project start: 18, may, 2016 end NOV, 16, 2016

Introduction: melons are a critical high value crop in the north and provide a strong source of income for farmers during the season. Even though demand is high the large of volume of melons during the season can drive the prices lower due to the surplus supply.Read More

Melon project pics
Purdue improved crops storage (pics) project

Introduction: Pics is a kind of bougaine, made up of three billings used to hold cereals and tired varieties. The puddings of pics have the ability to keep cereals over three years without deteriorating. Bougie Pics is made by the American University of Purdue, and its. The license to distribute and produce it in Afghanistan and Central Asia is given to the karwan sabz agriculture and livestock service company..Read More