OFF Season Melon production in greenhouse project Funded by USAID Project

Introduction: melons are a critical high value crop in the north and provide a strong source of income for farmers during the season. Even though demand is high the large of volume of melons during the season can drive the prices lower due to the surplus supply. This grant will seek to use greenhouse technology to produce off season melons to take advantage of the higher demand from supermarkets and distributors. Using greenhouse enables producers to enhance the quantity and quality of melon grown in the off season and in turn maximize profits. Greenhouse also provides an important opportunity to experiment with alternative varieties to introduce in the market.

Project objectives:
Establish 15 melon greenhouses in Balkh province
Introduction of new melon variety
Produce up to 45000 melons during the off season (15000*3000 new melons per greenhouse in 1 season)
Increase customer demand for melon during the off season
Develop a sustainable, integrated approach to greenhouse farming