SMS marketing Via mobile

Introduction: through SMS marketing system, we did contract with Telecommunication Company to establish a SMS marketing system through which it will market its latest products and services to farmers. It will also provide training such conducting FFC (Farmer Field School), IPM (Integrated Pest Management) for 2000 farmers. The company planned to conduct the mentioned trainings on monthly implementing of this project we found place in market to provide our products and service to the farmers. we have registered 5000 farmers out of which it will select 2000 farmers and register them is SMS marketing system.KSALC plane to provide training on how to use the SMS system. And how to respond to it.

Project objectives:
To provide new agro input and service to farmers and introduce with new fertilizer
To solve the farmers problem regarding cultivation of different seeds different plant
To provide information on how to use the fertilizers like how much quantity they have to use in one plant.